Sponsor Radcliffe


Radcliffe Royds Spark_Fringe_2012_89
Live at the Edinburgh Fringe

In the current climate of recession and financial uncertainty it is very often those elements of the arts that offer inspiration and escapism that are first to be consigned to the “non-essential can’t do it right now
” pile. This viewpoint whilst understandable is shared by many but not by me. More than ever during times of austerity do we need to be distracted and elevated from the ghastly drudge of day to day living. My proposition is a simple one. All I ask is a fair trade of labour and investment to be able to pursue those artistic goals I have set myself. n order to achieve those goals I need your help.

I am currently working on several projects.

1.) The Witches of Hickett’s Beck.
This a children’s story written entirely in rhyme which is aimed at those parents who believe in the tradition and wonderfully enriching practice of reading bed time stories to and with their children.

2.) a memoir of gut level survival through three decades of addiction and intervention.

3.) as a founder member and host of Spark London’s true storytelling club I can be found on the third Monday of every month Upstairs at The Ritzy in Brixton hosting Spark’s open mic night.

4.) I am working with Ju-Ju films on a movie script

There are several other appearances and shows I am scheduled for and will update those as and when they come up.

I am looking for funding to complete on these and other projects. My proposal is as follows:

I seek 12 individuals to each commit to £200 per month for 1 year. (I am not asking for one patron to fund me as I believe the spirit of shared endeavour will best be served by a wider support network.) In return I offer my services to each sponsor. Having worked extensively in the field of sales and marketing of financial products, contract publishing and investor relations I am we’ll placed to offer direct assistance to a particular campaign or indeed be another physical presence at your conference, office or function. I am NOT simply looking for handouts but rather a barter exchange of time and skills that you might draw on in return for allowing me the cash flow to pursue my own endeavours. By pooling the modest contribution from each of my supporters I believe I can deliver on my own projects whilst supporting you in yours.

I have already garnered the support of one investor/ sponsor and have his agreement to offer him as a referee for any other would be sponsors.

If you would like to become a sponsor please get in touch.



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